Who we are

Rays of Hope US is a nonprofit organization established as a registered 501(c)(3) charity in order to help raise support, awareness, and funds for the exciting work happening at Rays of Hope Mumbai. Each member of Rays of Hope US has been touched what God is doing through Pastor Manoj’s ministries in the lives of hundreds of orphans and underprivileged in Mumbai.

Where did it all begin?

Pastor Manoj grew up living in poverty in western India, and was miraculously called by God to serve Him as a young adult. After attending bible college, he was passionate about practically applying his knowledge by serving the world. In 1995, he witnessed a sight sadly common – young children looking for food in the garbage bin – and was motivated to pray about becoming part of the solution. About 10 years later, with $18 dollars to his name, he and his wife opened Ashlaya, the House of Hope, and started caring for 2 orphans. Currently, he and his wife, along with several volunteers, care for nearly 80 orphans. They also help to provide for the needs of children in the nearby red-light district.


Starting with 2 orphans in 2006, Ashlaya has grown to house nearly 80 orphans, both boys and girls, ranging from 3 – 18 years of age. It is divided into several “homes” that act as small family units of 10-12 children each, where they are fed, sheltered, cared for, loved, and taught.


In February 2010, the CARE Home was established to provide for the specific needs of children with HIV/AIDS. Sadly, many children are abandoned by family members due to diseases, disfigurements, or ailments. With the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, many children in India with or without living family members are abandoned; CARE is designed to help children in this predicament receive a loving, safe, and nurturing environment to live their lives to the fullest.

Hope Centre

The HOPE Centre was opened in the nearby Turbhe red light slum. Desiring to help the children who live in and environment bombarded with prostitution, abuse, and trafficking, Pastor Manoj and numerous volunteers reach out daily to provide educational, emotional, spiritual and physical sustenance. Several red light workers through the years have also been saved out of prostitution, rehabilitated and offered meaningful work through Rays of Hope ministries.

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Project Dignity

Supporting Widows: making a difference in the lives of widows, an extended hand of mutual help means lot to them, helping to live with dignity!

Educational scholarships: providing educational assistance to the needy, poor & deserving students.

Women Empowerment: empowering underprivileged women through the ‘Stitching Training Programmes and Small Savings Groups… A micro-business loan project: In order to overcome poverty, one needs to be self-reliant. We want to see people be able to come out of poverty line. A small business loan, can play an important role to start some well earning business. With the Lord’s blessings and proper guidance they can come up in life.

Long Term Goals

30 kilometers outside of Navi Mumbai in Khalapur, plans are in the making for a 30 acre section of the new Smart City to include a home for thousands of orphans, widows, terminal patients, former prostitutes, and more. This City of Hope will provide educational, moral, spiritual, and vocational care, with the ultimate goal of being a self-sustaining system. Within the premises there will be schools, medical buildings, agricultural areas, housing, and vocational centers. Once funding is established and the infrastructure is built, the operations within the City of Hope will be beneficial to the residents, but also commercially designed to sustain the city economically.

“Come and be part of a bigger vision as we help children, families and communities break the cycle of poverty by empowering people.”

Pas.Manoj Magar